March 29, 2004

I attended a talk by the Place Lab folks today. I think I can help them out.
Of all the dyndns clients in all the world, I had to find this one.

March 24, 2004

And while we're on AIM, let's talk to RecipeBuddie too.
Here's another way to waste hours of your day: Play old Infocom games via AIM. Similar to something I hacked up in VoiceXML a couple of years ago, only it works.

March 22, 2004

die kurvenfabrik can be your friend, if you speak German and want to get elliptic curve parameters by email.

March 16, 2004

Apparently these are Good Articles - who am I to disagree?

March 14, 2004

Where's a list of cryptographic libraries when you need one?

March 13, 2004

Looks like I found a search query for identity thieves.

March 01, 2004

I always wanted to build a desktop fusion reactor. I just don't have the time.