May 24, 2004

In a few days when my cheap broken Xbox arrives, I will need the Xbox pot tweaking tutorial so I can get the DVD drive working and run Linux on it.

May 19, 2004

Web sites making you log in for no good reason? Bug Me Not!

May 17, 2004

OK. I hate folding shirts. However, when I saw this Japanese shirt-folding video I was forced to immediately take off my shirt and fold it. And do you know what? It works, it's easy and it's fast! Next time I have to fold a hundred shirts, this will come in handy.

May 13, 2004

I'm pleased to see that research that doesn't suck is still happening.
Will Microsoft's open sourcery never end? This week it's the Windows Template Library.

May 12, 2004

Finally, you can see naked chicks on the internet [SFW]. Live webcam! They are indeed chicks. And they are quite naked.

May 10, 2004

My blog got a new look. Thanks to the Blogger team for making it happen!
Boy, do I sympathize with the guy who dug a hole in his back yard and then became an internet celebrity. When I released NetStumbler 0.4 I hit my monthly bandwidth quota in just a few days, and had to move all my downloads offsite.