October 21, 2004

Dyslexic Phishing

Today I got this rather amusing attempt at a phishing email. It, ah, speaks for itself. Use "view source" to be further amused.

De‮ra‬ Ci‮nabit‬k Mem‮eb‬r,

T‮sih‬ em‮ia‬l was s‮tne‬ by the Citi‮nab‬k se‮revr‬ to v‮fire‬y y‮ruo‬ em‮lia‬ a‮erdd‬ss. You m‮tsu‬ com‮elp‬te t‮sih‬ pro‮ssec‬ by cl‮nikci‬g

on the li‮kn‬ bel‮wo‬ and ent‮ire‬ng in the s‮llam‬ win‮od‬w y‮uo‬r Cit‮abi‬nk ATM-D‮tibe‬ C‮dra‬ num‮reb‬ and P‮NI‬ th‮ta‬ you use on A‮MT‬.

Th‮si‬ is do‮en‬ for yo‮ru‬ protect‮oi‬n - b‮ace‬use so‮em‬ of our mem‮eb‬rs no long‮re‬ ha‮ev‬ a‮ssecc‬ to t‮eh‬ir ema‮li‬ ad‮serd‬s and we

mu‮ts‬ v‮ire‬fy it.

To ve‮ir‬fy y‮uo‬r ema‮li‬ a‮rdd‬ess and a‮secc‬s y‮uo‬r ba‮kn‬ acc‮nuo‬t, c‮kcil‬ on the l‮ni‬k b‮le‬ow:


Not only is it illegible, the URL features a triple Google redirect to nowhere at all.

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