February 06, 2005

Bay Area Mash Up Scene

An interview with Party Ben provides a handy list of places to look for the latest stuff:
"There's Adrian and Mysterious D, the SF Weekly-award nominated DJs who started Club Bootie, and who make mash-ups as well--plus Adrian leads "Smash-Up Derby", the all-mash-up live band. DJ Earworm is the real artist of the scene, making epic, complex mash-ups out of four or five songs, and using some serious software and technology to really push boundaries. Appropriately, he's been featured at gigs at the SF Museum Of Modern Art. DJ Tripp out of Santa Cruz is incredibly prolific and attentive to new music, and is usually the first one out with a mash-up of a new song. Matt Hite runs a website called www.beatmixed.com that is a clearinghouse for all things remix-oriented, plus makes some mash-ups himself. Local synth-pop musician Tristan Shout has taken his signature techno style to his Kraftwerk and Moby-sampling mash-ups, and DJ Mei-Lwun has brought a crowd-pleasing attitude to his hugely popular mash-ups like Lynyrd Skynyrd vs. Nelly. DJ Jay-R spins at the Castro club The Cafe, and many of his bootlegs aim towards the campy side."
And don't forget Get Your Bootleg On.

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