October 26, 2005

Make the switch now! It's slow!

Oddity of the day:

Imagine that I wish to move several gigabytes of (already compressed) data from a Windows machine to a Powerbook. I connect their builtin ethernets, both 100Mbps.

On the OSX machine I do:
machine1$ nc -l -p 2220 | tar xvf -
and on the Windows machine I do:
machine2$ tar cvf - . | nc machine1 2220
then it gets about 0.5% utilization (50KBytes/sec).

When I use the SFTP GUI from ssh.com on Windows, and the built-in sshd on OSX, it's not much better: 180KBytes/sec, or 1.5% utilization.

Apparently it's faster for me to use an external hard drive to move files around (and connecting both machines by firewire doesn't appear to be an option, and no I don't have one of those USB copy-your-files devices).

Anyone know why:
1. Netcat is slower than SSH
2. The two IP stacks are so slow talking to each other?

(No, I won't give you an ethereal trace)

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1 comment:

Michael said...

You can boot the mac in "target disk mode" which makes it look like a firewire drive.

This has always been my best way to move data round.

I still want to hear the answer to you question tho.