October 28, 2005

More statistics

A followup to yesterday's post. I tried a number of things to find out what's going on.

osx$ ping -D -f -s 1472 windows
This gets me 2.5MB/sec, over 20% utilization. That's an improvement over yesterday's lame numbers, but still a bit low.

osx$ nc -l -u -p 2222 | tar xvf -
windows$ tar cvf - . | nc -u osx 2222

This gives a tolerable 1.8MB/sec at the receiver, but who knows how much data was dropped on the floor.

Copying all my files to a firewire drive and then reading them off again works out at 8-9MB/sec.

Conclusion: use firewire. Do not attempt to be clever with netcat or ssh.

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