January 25, 2006

1999 Mazda Miata Intake Manifold Maintenance

I hope I don't have to do this.

January 24, 2006

OGLE: The OpenGLExtractor | OGLE: OpenGLExtractor by Eyebeam R&D

Take your characters in WoW and 3D print them, or insert them into Google Earth.

January 20, 2006

Reading accelerator

This speed-reading tool displays one word at a time so you don't have to move your eyes. Paste your text into the box and watch it zip by. I found the default of 400 words per minute easy; 750 is acceptable, and 1000 is hard. I seem to recall that the human eye can handle 15fps, which would translate to 900wpm on this system.

W9WI.com - TV technical information

Find the locations of TV transmitters, so you can precisely aim things at them.

January 19, 2006


If you ever debug web content, or are just curious, then you require this extension.

IP & Ethernet Interfaces

Building a networked robot? These might be useful.

January 18, 2006

Bullnose Tile of San Jose, California

My shower has a couple of leaky cracked tiles and grout, and I reckon I can fix it. Having ripped out a sample tile, I took it to these folks who were able to tell me who made it, and give me a suitable replacement (not exact, but close enough, in my case).

January 17, 2006

XUL interface to Amazon

I'm sure we'll see these for lots of other things too.

January 12, 2006

Where to Find Free Images and Visuals

For your web pages, for presentations, or whatever. Lots of links to places with images of all sorts, where Google Images and Flickr might be too spammy.

January 11, 2006

Falling Sand Game

Very interesting game. Play with sand, water, salt, oil, wax, fire and a strange bouncing thing.
Update: now also available with zombies.

Monopoly Home Rules

A couple of these were traditional in my household; most of them are new to me and look interesting though.

The Prejudice Map

People in these countries are known for...
USA: dislike of walking.
UK: aristocratic kitchens.
France: spoiling their dogs.
Canada: liking their beer.
Germany: enjoying their beer.
Brazil: bikinis.
India: cheating.
Russia: brutality.
Turkey: using weapons.
Sweden: carving Viking longboats.

January 05, 2006

Encodings Practice

Learn morse, braille, semaphore and even rot13.

January 04, 2006

Please, won't someone think of the listeners?

Last year, rock station KSJO 92.3 disappeared and was replaced with "La Preciosa". This year, KCNL 1049 (Channel 1049) also vanished and is now "La Romantica". Apparently this is just a move by Clear Channel to sell advertising: Radio 101 KCNL Drops Alternative - The Anatomy of a Format Change

As all the 92.3 folks moved to 107.7, I expect the 104.9 folks will move to 105.3. Whatever happened to the free market?

Excel neat trick of the day

I've hacked up all kinds of interesting things in Excel. Every time I embark on a new hack, I try to learn some new thing, but the help file is not organized by user advancedness, nor does it say "I notice you're trying to look up a value in a table. Did you try VLOOKUP()?"

Anyway, just when I was not hacking up Excel, I stumbled across this gem: Exploring Excel's Functions Part 2: ADDRESS() and INDIRECT(). I can't believe I didn't know about these Really Useful Functions.