January 04, 2006

Please, won't someone think of the listeners?

Last year, rock station KSJO 92.3 disappeared and was replaced with "La Preciosa". This year, KCNL 1049 (Channel 1049) also vanished and is now "La Romantica". Apparently this is just a move by Clear Channel to sell advertising: Radio 101 KCNL Drops Alternative - The Anatomy of a Format Change

As all the 92.3 folks moved to 107.7, I expect the 104.9 folks will move to 105.3. Whatever happened to the free market?


Michael said...

let me clear something up for you.

radio exists for advertising. anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or trying to sell you a radio.

"extract most add dollars per bandwidth dollars" radio is great if you are in the majority demographic, you get your music beamed to you for free.

you sound like someone who is about to become a satellite radio customer.

Marius said...

I suppose I knew that really. The entire entertainment industry exists only to sell stuff, not to provide entertainment.

As for satellite radio, it's looking tempting, but apparently I have to buy 3 radios and pay for the privilege of getting them to do anything at all.