January 15, 2007

Radio Licensing Scam Alert

I just got a letter from "Business Radio Licensing" of 26941 Cabot Rd #134, Laguna Hills, CA, telling me it was time to renew a radio license that I hold. They charge a mere $180 for this service. For a $85 license that can be renewed instantly by credit card at the FCC Universal Licensing System, or by mail direct to the FCC, what value are they providing? Smells like a scam to me.

They appear to accept email at info@businessradiolicensing.com, but their web site isn't set up yet.

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Sally said...

I got one of those too. Yes, I'd say it's a scam for sure, we'd already updated through the FCC.

A very clever one, though, it looks quite official. I am a new manager TCOB for my boss, and this is my first experience with licensing, yachts, etc, so I did not spot it at first.

I wonder how many people they've sucked in?

JUPS said...

Big time scam. Our license is maintained by a local company who takes care of all of our two-way radio needs.

spect8r's view said...

Same here. We also use a local company to maintain our license and radios. This has to be a scam.