May 14, 2007

Instructions to the residents of Mountain View

Dear residents of Mountain View:

If you're trying to use your home Wi-Fi network and your Windows XP computer keeps connecting to a different network with a stronger signal:

1a. Right click on task tray icon corresponding to your wireless connection, choose "View Available Wireless Networks"
1b. Start / Settings / Network Connections / Wireless
2. Click "Advanced..."
3. Select the "Wireless Networks" tab
4. Click "Advanced"
5. Uncheck the box "Automatically connect to non-preferred networks"
6. Click "Close"
7. If any networks appear under "Preferred networks" that you don't want to use, select them and click "Remove"
8. Click OK
9. Enjoy your home network

a. Don't use Windows XP.
b. Use a Mac.
c. Use Linux.
d. Use (cough) Vista.

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