April 20, 2009

Sun employees, take note

A few years ago, a friend of mine (name withheld to protect privacy, let's call him Zot The Cunning) was working at a startup (name also withheld, let's call it Shoot The Moon) that was acquired by Siebel (May Their Remains Continue To Be Indigestible Forever).

My advice to Zot, on hearing of the acquisition: "Take the money and run". Of course, there was no money, so I revised this to "just run". My advice was based on what I had seen of Siebel's corporate environment from having worked with their engineers in a project for one of my former employers. The project was called "Death Spiral" or something like that. Oh, my opinion was also based on having been through the receiving end of 3 acquisitions at the same former employer. Anyway, back to Zot's story. Zot, of course, waited things out and after a few years of being sucked down into the virtual Charybdis that was his new employer, managed to escape to a company with the letters "OO" in its name.

What I've seen of Oracle (May They Remain Far From Me) is exactly 11.7 times worse than Siebel. I measured this very carefully. So, if you work at Sun, let me give you one piece of advice:

Take the money and run. Or, there being no money, just run.

While you're still reading: earlier I likened Siebel to Charybdis. I think there's a pretty strong resemblance between Oracle and Charybdis's buddy Scylla. Even if you ignore me and live in misery for the rest of your time there, at least you learned some Greek mythology. Also, the Amazon MP3 store has a free song for you.

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