October 28, 2005

More statistics

A followup to yesterday's post. I tried a number of things to find out what's going on.

osx$ ping -D -f -s 1472 windows
This gets me 2.5MB/sec, over 20% utilization. That's an improvement over yesterday's lame numbers, but still a bit low.

osx$ nc -l -u -p 2222 | tar xvf -
windows$ tar cvf - . | nc -u osx 2222

This gives a tolerable 1.8MB/sec at the receiver, but who knows how much data was dropped on the floor.

Copying all my files to a firewire drive and then reading them off again works out at 8-9MB/sec.

Conclusion: use firewire. Do not attempt to be clever with netcat or ssh.

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October 26, 2005

Make the switch now! It's slow!

Oddity of the day:

Imagine that I wish to move several gigabytes of (already compressed) data from a Windows machine to a Powerbook. I connect their builtin ethernets, both 100Mbps.

On the OSX machine I do:
machine1$ nc -l -p 2220 | tar xvf -
and on the Windows machine I do:
machine2$ tar cvf - . | nc machine1 2220
then it gets about 0.5% utilization (50KBytes/sec).

When I use the SFTP GUI from ssh.com on Windows, and the built-in sshd on OSX, it's not much better: 180KBytes/sec, or 1.5% utilization.

Apparently it's faster for me to use an external hard drive to move files around (and connecting both machines by firewire doesn't appear to be an option, and no I don't have one of those USB copy-your-files devices).

Anyone know why:
1. Netcat is slower than SSH
2. The two IP stacks are so slow talking to each other?

(No, I won't give you an ethereal trace)

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

OS X Inventories

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October 21, 2005

Internet Health Report

I always knew such a thing had to exist, and here it is!

October 19, 2005

The Hardware Book

Lots of helpful connector pinouts, adapters, circuits, etc.

This year's recommended gift for kids

A ball with a supposedly very good version of "twenty questions". A variety of other good gift ideas are available from Uncle Mark.

October 07, 2005

WZC Information Disclosure Exploit

Could be useful to folks wanting to do useful things with WZC, rather than just sploiting it.

October 02, 2005

Modding the Xbox in 10 minutes

If only my DVD drive worked.